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Our Commitment to Sustainability

One tree planted with every purchase

Join Our Quest to Be Ecologically Responsible

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment and to make food delivery more sustainable. To not only protect, but to restore. To restore nature to help ensure a better future for those who come next. It is our goal, and our belief, that we have a collective responsibility to leave things better than we found them—that a greener future is a better future.

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We produce our own dry ice, rescuing wasted energy.
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We use recyclable material whenever possible.
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We plant a tree for every box sold.
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Planting Trees

We are determined to lessen our carbon footprint with each Delivered Cold box we ship; therefore, we plant a tree with every purchase you make through our partner Ecodrive.Community. Through Ecodrive, you can even see where the tree that corresponds to your order was planted!

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Our production facilities have been built to be energy efficient.
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We optimize every shipment to use as little material as works for the shipment.
We minimize the time products are in low energy efficient environments reducing waste and spoilage.

Energy-Efficient Facilities

​​We take pride in our cutting-edge cold storage facility, purposefully designed with sustainability at its core. All of our machinery and equipment is chosen for their low carbon footprint, including our forklifts and handtrucks, which are electric instead of propane.

Efficient Material Usage

Our commitment to sustainable frozen food delivery shines through in our choice of materials. Our boxes are crafted from recycled materials, and what’s more, most of our packaging materials can be recycled after delivery. When the weather and delivery distance allow, we even go the extra mile by using eco-friendly, green cell liners. From helping you fill your box with the most products as possible to our packing techniques, we maximize the efficiency of the materials we have to use.

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Efficient Fulfillment Processes

​One of our key initiatives for sustainable frozen food delivery involves producing our own dry ice on site. To further enhance efficiency, all our packages are packed within our efficiently temperature-controlled environment set at 36°F. Each Delivered Cold box is then stored at -10°F until it is picked up by the carrier for delivery. This stringent protocol not only preserves the integrity of our products but also significantly reduces sublimation, ensuring that our dry ice remains intact until it reaches its destination, all while aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices and energy conservation.