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Desserts and Sweets

Desserts and Sweets 

Satisfy your sweet tooth without visiting a grocery store with our dessert delivery service. Delivered Cold offers frozen desserts delivered to your door, including cakes, cookies, pies, and even ice cream from some of the best most unique brands around – many of which you can’t find in most grocery stores. Order freezer fresh desserts and get them delivered to your door in just 3 to 4 business days.

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Frozen Desserts Delivered and Ready to Enjoy 

Are you tired of bulk order requirements? Why buy 10 or 20 of something when you only need one or a few? Choose Delivered Cold for the foods and quantities you want. Shop from dessert brands you love! Or mix it up with soon-to-be new favorites from our premium sellers. We even carry a variety of healthy sweets that won’t ruin your fitness or weight loss goals.

But we’re not just a dessert delivery service. Besides our incredible line-up of desserts, Delivered Cold offers a huge selection of other foods. Fill up your box with a variety of meats, bread, vegetables, fruit, and more. Or fill your box with only desserts—Delivered Cold gives you the freedom to buy the foods you love.


Delivered Cold: Your One-Stop Online Supermarket 

Delivered Cold makes online grocery shopping easy. Our special algorithm learns more about your food preferences every time you shop with us. It automatically suggests foods and brands you’ll enjoy while helping you optimize box space to get the most from every order you place. 

Here’s our simple, three-step ordering process: 

  1. Fill your Delivered Cold box with our variety of food options. 
  2. Place your order and checkout. 
  3. Open your box 3 to 4 business days later. 


Sustainable Food Delivery 

At Delivered Cold, we make it our mission to make our food and dessert delivery service as sustainable as possible, doing everything we can to lessen our ecological footprint. We use recyclable materials wherever possible, and we plant a tree for every box we ship. You can even track where the tree is planted!